Ahmadinejad Blushes Over Misinformation

Oh my gosh, it is so embarrassing when you say something that turns out to be false and then EVERYONE finds out about your mistake. You know, like at a party, or at work, or at a highly-controversial speaking engagement at Columbia. Making a verbal snafu is the WORST, you guys! I mean, sticking your foot in your mouth can really be a humbling experience.

One time I told my co-worker that she had to go over to Bryant Park to go to the closest Chipotle but there turned out to be one like RIGHT around the corner from us and she went like 3 blocks out of her way. I felt SO bad!

That’s almost the same as when  Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said, “We don’t have homosexuals like in your country. We don’t have that in our country. We don’t have this phenomenon; I don’t know who’s told you we have it.”

Ahmadinejad was probably SO MORTIFIED to pick up the paper today and find out that he made a little boo boo and there actually ARE gay Iranians, well there is one that we know of! Not a huge deal, but maybe he should have checked first with that guy who told that Columbia student about them. That guy was in the know, big time.

Let’s wait a few days for this to blow over and then break it to him gently that the Holocaust is real.


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