About Life On Monitor

What? You want to know about us? Fine, I guess.

Honor already went to college at the University of Mary Washington for Studio Art and English Literature. She’s so over having her BA already. She plays the cello and loves to make art messes all over the apartment. Sometimes she complains about missing Virginia, and exaggerates about how simple and southern her life used to be “in Dixie.” Whatever that means. She works in the music industry and loves to drink free drinks at “industry events.” Whatever those are. She mostly lives on graham crackers, grilled cheese, and Diet Coke. She used to be vegetarian and sometimes forgets that she eats meat now. Whenever she remembers, she eats lots of burgers. Honor is destined for greatness and has no problem talking about it. Right now she works in an office in Times Square and has to take the subway every day, which is annoying. She feels that the only good part about working in an office is office supplies. The only things Honor has over Zach are knowing about social interaction / being “smooth,” and being older than him by one year. She will never let him forget it.

Zach went to Columbia, and is (everyone agrees) a smarty-pants. The ladies love him, judging from his facebook wall. He is a loveable Massholenative of America’s most important and best state that started the whole revolution OK and a massive computer nerd. For a 22-year-old, he is wise beyond his years and can do taxes and knows about real-life stuff like bills, written agreements, personnel files, and urban planning. Zach previously bwogged on the Bwog, which is a gossipy thing at Columbia. Zach is really good at exploring neighborhoods, cooking, knowing about architecture, fancying himself a member of New York’s anti-folk movement, and at living on approximately $3 a day, which is ironic because he is theoretically a rich person who works sometimes. Zach likes graphic novels, attractive female singer-songwriters with Cockney accents, and [the idea of] living in the poorest parts of the NYC boroughs. He plays his guitar in the subway sometimes, and eats sandwiches from the sandwich shop on Franklin Street.

Together, Honor and Zach are the completely unknownpopular band “MC Guy and DJ Gal.” They are also both non-selling authors, graduate school hopefuls, and Law and Order: SVU enthusiasts.

This is them:



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